Yes, Virginia, there is Love After Division: the Time is Upon Us to Heal Our Broken Nation

There is no denying that we are living through times that are steeped in injustice and abounding with profound injuries. America was once the shining city on the hill where immigrants from all around the world traveled, most by choice and some by force, to build a new life. Where opportunities were restricted in country after country, America provided the chance for people to realize their full potential.

Those days are now visible only in the rearview mirror; the new normal for the vast majority of Americans are onerous debts, limited mobility, shrinking wealth and disappearing freedoms. While the poor are being mauled, the working class are slowly sinking into poverty and the middle-class is being decimated on a daily basis, the uber-wealthy are being given preferential treatment and leading lives of breathtaking privilege.

America has become a pyramid scheme where “the capstone”—as the aristocracy refer to themselves—are building their wealth atop the shattered dreams of “the bottom 99%”. In many ways, we are nearing the disparity witnessed in the leadup to the French Revolution, the only reason we are not following the lead of Parisians is because the ruling class learned their lesson the French gentry passed on to them by way of guillotines eleven scores and thirteen years ago—divide the people before they unite and subtract from the plutocracy.

If the “elites” had any semblance of humanity or even rational thinking, they would simply ensure that opportunity is distributed evenly and that wealth is not hogged up by a fraction of society. But having billions of dollars has a way of twisting people’s minds, rational thinking is thrown out the window along with morality as they act like addicts who are out to win at all cost even if that means harming billions of people around the world.

Unable to ensure fairness, they have decided to pit “the bottom 99%” against each other. They did this by weaponizing mainstream media and by empowering demagogues to speak to our anger. Grievance peddling and identity politics have reached peak levels as all sides are being pumped full of antipathy towards others and adulation towards those who look and think like them. Forget 50 states, we are a nation that is more Balkanized than Eastern Europe after the Ottoman Empire fell.

It is easy to see when others are being bamboozled with identity politics but it’s extremely difficult to realize when you are the one being hoodwinked by resentment hustlers. After all, I too once fell for this divisive deception as I went about blaming all “white” people for the ills of the world and bashing all Republican voters with very childish insults. It took two and a half years of homelessness and living with “white” indignant people—many who were Republicans—in South Carolina, Tennessee, Iowa and Colorado for the planks of tribalism to be shed from my eyes.

What I see now is something that saddens me on a regular basis, wisdom gained through suffering is hard because it turns one into an island. While I understand the justifiable rage people are feeling at the unfairness of our governance, economy and social compacts, too many are only adding logs onto the inferno of injustice that is searing our country and scorching humanity. The only chance we have of compelling powerful institutions who are purveying iniquities through felonious economic policies is through unity. Alas, the vast majority of Americans are charting a difference course as we withdraw into group think and sink into tribalism that is threatening to turn the United States into a failed state.

The tragic reality is that the pains of marginalized people are being appropriated in order to defend the status quo and to further divide our country. Where giants like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Fred Hampton realized that only by uniting “black” and “white” people could true justice be reached, we are now being misled by social justice capitalists on all sides who incite our emotions while misdirecting our anger towards people who are just as powerless as we are.

Among the bottom 99%, there is no privilege, we are all being pillaged. The vast majority of us stuck in a meat grinder, the only difference is our position within the barrel and the timing of our reckoning. The net-savings of Americans is zero and our wealth is being frittered away on a daily basis by runaway inflation that is baked into the system in order to rob from the poor in order to payoff the rich Peters who have commandeered our government.

We are all one or two missed paychecks away from homelessness but instead of focusing on this abrogation of justice, we choose to bludgeon fellow victims of this ongoing economic war that has been declared on humanity as we lash at people who don’t belong in our tribes but whose anxieties resembles ours. Social media has exacerbated tensions among “the masses”, vitriol and invectives have become as common place as hellos and goodbyes.

The quest for equality has been reduced to fighting who has less crumbs while pointing out that others who have a few more morsels are privileged. This is the poison of identity politics, we are being programmed to disregard the commonalities of our pains and instead bicker over our differences. While we think we are making a difference by glomming on to the latest hashtag protest, the ivory tower “elites” are laughing at all of us because we keep falling for their divide and conquer tactics.

What was once dismissed as “crazy talk” is now openly being discussed as a distinct possibility; “credible” voices are now ringing the alarm that America could devolve into another Civil War. Instead of identifying the root causes and addressing the underlying disease of this oncoming train, the plutocracy and the mouthpieces they have on their payrolls are blaming the victims and readying us for a social conflagration. One thing is clear, we cannot depend on millionaires who are on the payroll of billionaires to give us a new deal when their current arrangement is working very well for them.

What we need is a radical change rooted in rational principles. No more waiting on politicians to liberate us, we need actual servants who know and understand our plight to lead us. We cannot keep lining up to kick the football only for Lucy to pull it out from underneath us, we must understand that people who head to DC as Democrats or Republicans and who are under the influence of multinational corporations will either be corrupted by power or will be chewed up and spit out if they dare to question the status quo.

What we need are elected officials who are truly free of both parties and refuse to take a penny from Wall Street. This is an almost impossible mission, independents have almost zero chance of getting on ballots let alone toppling the establishment. But maybe, just maybe, this is the year that can lead to this type of revolutionary movement, established on the foundations of love and unity, can finally come to fruition.

Fourteen years ago, I dove headfirst into the Obama campaign thinking that he was “the change we were waiting for”. After I read his book “Dreams of my Father”, a memoir that made me cry as I learned about the profound impact that his dad’s absence had in his life, I was determined to get him elected. As Obama himself once said, he was a blank canvass that I was projecting my own pains and aspirations upon despite his lack of substance beyond talking points and rally speeches.

I became an Obama “foot soldier” as I traveled to 16 states, wrote a speech idea that was eventually incorporated into Obama’s South Carolina primary victory speech and drove myself into physical and emotional exhaustion believing all along thinking that he would heal America’s wounds that have been bleeding for more than four hundred years. When he spoke against the “red state vs blue state” conspiracy, I thought his administration could be the balm on the throbbing gash wrought by slavery and racism.

My investment in his hope had a negative return, far from being different than Bush, in many ways he amplified his worse traits. More money to the CEO class, continued wars of choice and furthering the globalist agenda where the wealth of the average American is siphoned off by way of treaties which are nothing more than backdoor agendas to nullify our sovereignty. In this scheme of enriching the global oligarchy by sacrificing the proletariat, both Democrats and Republicans are complicit. Consequently, swinging back and forth between the two parties and expecting change is like alternating between Big Macs and Whoppers hoping to lose weight.

Understanding this conundrum leads me to this juncture. I have been preaching against the establishment and bashing the status quo for the past seven years. The end result has been losing hair follicles while the malicious policies that are mauling most of us grow on a year-over-year basis. Mahatma Gandhi once observed that we must be the change we want to see in this world; being against something is futile, I have to articulate a vision and be for something.

This is the reason why I am officially launching My Love for Virginia on a day that is dedicated to love. My last name Fikre means “my love” in Amharic, this cause that is based on love for my home state of Virginia is my way of seeking the light instead of screaming at the darkness. I will not be phony and become a poll-tested politician, I am thinking about running for Congress in the 8th Congressional District which encompasses Alexandria, Arlington and portions of Fairfax. However, my mind is not made up as of yet because I am also wondering if politics could inhibit my ultimate purpose which is to champion love above divisiveness.

There are many bridges to cross before I make the ultimate decision as to whether or not to declare my candidacy. The number one priority is my family and ensuring that my decision will not have a negative impact on them. I have also been on a healing journey for close to two years, one that started when I lost my mother to Covid-19 on May 15th, 2020. In order to lead, I must face and mend from painful chapters in my life that have impeded my path towards realizing my full potential.

I am far from perfect, though in many ways I am the quintessential American “success story”, I also have committed my fair share of mistakes in my life. A byproduct of Virginia education, I graduated from Woodbridge High School, received a Bachelor of Arts from George Mason University and attained a Master of Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University. In my professional life, I have been the exemplary employee as I excelled as a Project Manager and a Business Consultant for state, local and federal clients over the past 20 years.

Yet where I can point to successes, I also acknowledge my missteps. Ever since I witnessed my mom hurt herself and my dad take his last breath in front of me 21 years ago, I have lived a life of spontaneity and in the process subtract from myself as I went out of my way to help others. Marriage and fatherhood taught me to love myself in order to love others instead of seeking validation and people-pleasing. I must decide if running for Congress will further this journey because my ultimate aim is to love and help others as I love and heal myself.

If I in fact decide to run for Congress, which is far from a certainty at this moment, just know you will not be voting for a millionaire who presents an image of flawlessness but a flawed man who is working to improve on a daily basis. My number one trait is empathy followed closely by a work ethic that I inherited from my father. I am currently working fulltime as a Project Manager for a telecommunications company helping government agencies meet and exceed their objectives while driving Uber on a part time basis.

If I run for office and you decide to support me, you will be voting for someone who actually knows what it feels like to worry about financial uncertainties, has to bust his butt to provide for his family and knows what it feels like to keep getting nickel and dimed to death. I am far from a millionaire former car salesman who amplified his fortunes by way of Obama’s “car recovery act”, I am an everyday man—I am one of you.

I am very aware that running for Congress is extremely difficult, especially if I do so by disavowing tribal politics and rebuking Wall Street contributions. I know that I will be running a marathon with an anvil chained to my feet if I decide to campaign as an authentic independent. If I have any chance at competing in the cash and popularity game that our politics has devolved into, I have to capture the magic of Obama’s 2008 campaign without accepting the “dark money” that turned ultimately turned the “first black president” into an water carrier of the established order.

As I contemplate whether or not to declare my candidacy over the next month or so, the road to DC will either be paved or obstructed based on the decision of We the People. The only way that I have a chance to get on the ballot let alone win is if a truly organic movement is formed, one that inspires a multitude of people in Virginia and throughout America to be a part of a future campaign. This is an incontrovertible truth: it takes organization to overcome entrenched institutions and it takes money to defeat moneyed interests.

So if you find yourself enticed by what you read and would like to be a part of this movement, whether this movement leads to running for office or something else has yet to be determined, email us at [email protected] You can also CLICK HERE to join our mailing list. Lastly, I ask you to spread this article and share the video below to generate enthusiasm. Together we win, divided we suffer, that is the central message of this campaign, one that I pray will permeate throughout Virginia, America and our planet.

Stand with M

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