Redeeming US: Kneeling in Prayer to Heal America Together

I have been watching the state of race relations in America deteriorate with a sense of utter dismay for the past seven years. As frustrations and hopelessness rise across the board, resentments and antipathy have been growing in equal parts as a land blessed with abundance is slowly devolving into a wasteland of broken dreams and shattered hopes. The very tribalism that is ravaging my birth land Ethiopia is threatening to unleash unthinkable strife in the country that gave shelter to my family and me forty years ago.

What is very evident is that America has never come close to healing from the wounds of slavery that continue to live. Far from healing what was once termed “America’s original sin”, a succession of politicians on both sides of the aisles and media personalities alike have been ripping the scars open. In politics, as in corporatism, there is no profit to be had in presenting a cure, we are depending on people who profit through injustice to heal society. It is time for a radical change rooted in rational ideas.

One of the reasons I launched My Love for Virginia and why I’m contemplating running for Congress is precisely to be a part of a bottom-up and organic movement that will have much-needed conversations like the one above that I recorded at Bruin Slave Jail in Alexandria, Virginia last evening. Over the coming weeks and months, irrespective of what my decision will be on the election front, I will continue to share my thoughts on very sensitive topics such as racism with the aim of forging conversations that are redemptive and can move us forward towards a common purpose in order to attain inclusive justice.

As I noted a couple of days ago when I launched My Love for Virginia, my hope and prayer is to effect change. If I actually decide to run for Congress in Alexandria, Virginia, I would rather lose and make a difference instead of winning for the sake of self-gratification. That is why I have every intention of running as an independent and will refuse to take a penny from Wall Street, this campaign will take root because enough people find value in having these types of conversations.

For more than four centuries, America has suffered as the pains of slavery were ignored only to be weaponized by opportunists on all sides. We must #HealAmericaTogether for the sake of future generations. #MyLove4VA Click To Tweet

To this end, I ask you to be engaged in our efforts. You don’t have to live in Virginia to cast your lot with us. Join our mailing list, continue to share this article and video above on social media and spread awareness in whatever capacity you can. I believe in my heart that We the People, the silenced super-majority of Americans, will finally say enough to divisions and decide to unite beyond our differences. This audacious faith is what motivates me to work diligently for the authentic change we have been waiting for. Depending on millionaires who are working for billionaires is not working for us, it is time to work for ourselves.

EVENT ALERT: Every Saturday, I started walking from the Bruin Slave Jail in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia and walk by the Freedom House on may way of trekking two miles. I call this #HealWalk where I pray by the statue of two enslaved sisters walking to freedom and then find gratitude and seek beautiful moments even in the midst of hardships.

I walk two miles daily and they have made a transformational impact in my life. If you are up for joining me on the #HealWalk sessions on Saturdays, you are more than welcome to do so. This is a standing event and you can come and go as you please. Consider this a community of heal walkers, as we heal within, may we heal our community, our country and our world without.

Event: #HealWalk
Date: Every Saturday
Time: Starts at 10:30 AM EST
Location: Bruin Slave Jail
Address: 1707 Duke St, Alexandria, VA
RSVP and get additional details by CLICKING HERE

“Truth is powerful and it prevails.” ~ Sojourner Truth

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