My Love for Virginia is a dream of what is possible as much as it is an imperative to address multiplying inequalities that are being manifested by the status quo. Founded by Teddy Fikre, a former political organizer, our aim is foster an environment of inclusion in a time that is fraught with unending division and rancor. Partly a political movement to encourage voters to exit the two existing political parties in favor of independent voices who are not wedded to corporations and their “dark money” that has decimated our Republic, our broader aim is to create a coalition of Americans who would rather unite to defend our common interests instead of fighting over bread crumbs.

We are officially launching this movement of the people, by the people and for the people on a day we celebrate Martin Luther King. He died trying to unite “white” and “black” sanitation workers in Memphis because he realized the key to true and enduring freedom was by uniting all Americans without bias to their identity or ideology. On this day, January 17th, 2022, we pick up on the dream that MLK articulated by returning to the theme of solidarity that he died on behalf of.

Over the coming days and weeks, this website will be continued to be filled out with more information. As we build out the infrastructure and enlist volunteers to be a part of this movement, we ask you to be patient for we are literally growing as we go. We do not have millions at our disposal nor do we have a wealth of resources, we are a few voices who decided to do something truly audacious.

Our dream will thrive or die depending on the support of people just like you. If you want to be a part of our effort and become an area coordinator to help amplify our message and spread public awareness, email us at [email protected]

Stay tuned, more information is coming…